09 September 2014

Time Trialing

Some of the roadies from IBN started a bi-weekly schedule of early morning Time Trial practice on Airport Road, which I rode today. The "course" starts at Esteem Mall and goes all the way to airport and back, a distance of about 40km

Right from the start I struggled to keep up with Rishav and Phani till Esteem Mall, and after that I stopped trying. I can see why the roadies love this stretch- with my 44/11 ratio I was spinning out, while they were surely putting their big chainrings to good use.  I started to fatigue after Jakkur - I had been going flat out almost since the start. A sudden combination of wind and climb slowed me down, and I started noticing the edge of the flyover, and how low the railing was. Luckily Yelahanka came soon, and I got off the flyover, returning to campus via MS Palya and Gangamma circle.

Nice ride overall, and, in hindsight, a good time / distance for a weekday ride.

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