30 April 2011

Congratulations to the IISc Randonneurs

The Radonneurs from IISc have just received their medals for the Brevets they have completed this season... The next brevet is slated for June, and is believed to have distances of upto 1000K.

In the picture below, from left - Deepak Malani, Sreepathi Pai, M. Gokul, Nirmal Iyer, and Prakash S. (Also, not in picture - Poovaiah M. P. and Mustafa)

The new Rockrider 5.3

Got my new bike - the Rockrider 5.3 (2011) Edition. :)

29 April 2011

Riding in traffic...

On some days traffic really sucks.. and I am reminded of this prayer:

God, give me grace to accept with serenity the motorist who
cuts me up, the courage to cycle alongside him, and the
wisdom to refrain from attacking him like a rabid dog.
Rudy Niebuhr

Sourced from bikereader.com.

10 April 2011

Jalahalli 10K Loop

Did a small* loop today of about 10K to Jalahalli and back.. Fairly easy route; most of the road from IISc to Outer ring road is downhill. The Jakarbandi forest area is Air force land, with dense green vegetation on both sides of the road. Excellent route for an early morning ride.

View Jalahalli 10k in a larger map

Click here for the map.

01 April 2011


After months of struggle building a wheel, finally succeeded...

Found the following material instructive and helpful:
1. You Tube videos on how to build a rear wheel on The BikeTube
2. Sheldon Brown's  page on wheelbuilding
3. You Tube: How to Dish a rear wheel.

A more detailed report later, perhaps...