30 September 2015

Tour of Kaas and Mahabaleshwar (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

I woke up just before sunrise to find the others already awake, taking photos. The view was breathtaking - the rising sun on one side, the serene lake on the other.

Tour of Kaas and Mahabaleshwar (Part 1)

I did a two day tour of the Kaas plateau, the valley of flowers near Satara in Maharashtra, with Rafi, Vidyasagar and Gautham. Rafi's plan was to take bicycles by Volvo overnight to Satara, then ride up to Kaas and camp somewhere en route to Mahabaleshwar. The second day, we would ride back down to Satara, and catch the returning Volvo to Bangalore.
The climb up from Satara to Kaas plateau