22 November 2014

The Basavanabetta 200

The Basavanabetta 200 route was designed by Parag Patankar, and organised as a non-ACP ride under the Bangalore Brevets banner.

06 November 2014

A Winter Night Ride

November is here, and the temperature has dropped noticably since Diwali. I took a short impromptu ride last night to enjoy the crisp winter air and the full moon. Despite the bright moonlight, some roads in are completely dark due to the dense canopy of Mahogany and Rain Trees. An added bonus is the sweet smell of Alstonia Scholaris flowers (near the library) filling the night.

Bicycle headlamp IXON IQ on a dark narrow road

02 November 2014

Kottai 200 Brevet

Back story:
After an eventful fallout with the national randonneuring 'body', a number of clubs (both clubs of Bangalore included) are no longer organising ACP sanctioned rides this year. Instead, a new organisation is taking shape in Bangalore, and there could hardly be a more fitting first ride than the K200 - a scenic and challenging route with just the right mix of everything.

Riders on the Kottai 200 Brevet organised by Bangalore Brevets and FRI
The K200