31 August 2014

Makalidurga Exploratory

Shaunak and I rode a 150K loop yesterday. Briefly, north all the way to Makalidurga and just a little beyond to Thondeblavi, then west to Alipur and then back south along some village roads, some of which I had already explored.

09 August 2014

Gauribidanur 200 Brevet Preride

This was the first Non-ACP Brevet by the IISc Randonneurs. The plan for a brevet to / through Gauribidanur had been simmering for nearly a year before Sourav and Shaunak teamed up to put it together. Shaunak, Rishav and I rode the pre-ride since we were volunteering for the actual event. The route can be summed up in one word: scenic. (Don't try it in the heat of peak summer, though)

Just after Gauribidanur