27 November 2013

Hessaraghatta and Madhure

Another short trip to Hessaraghatta and Madhure, with lab folks this time. A fairly relaxed ride, with lots of bird and plant watching included.

Hessaraghatta Lake in the early morning mist
Hessaraghatta Lake

17 November 2013

Impromptu Ride to Hessaraghatta

I've been falling behind on my ride reports, but I'll try to catch up before 2014. Here's one about a sunday ride last month, to Hessaraghatta and Madhure.

14 November 2013

Huliyurdurga 200

The Huliyurdurga 200 is the route of the first BRM hosted by the IISc Randonneurs, and was my first ACP brevet too. Its certainly not an easy route, and the wind and weather can make it harder. This year, however, I was better prepared (mentally and physically), and better equipped as well, so hoped to finish well within the cutoff time.

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