14 November 2013

Huliyurdurga 200

The Huliyurdurga 200 is the route of the first BRM hosted by the IISc Randonneurs, and was my first ACP brevet too. Its certainly not an easy route, and the wind and weather can make it harder. This year, however, I was better prepared (mentally and physically), and better equipped as well, so hoped to finish well within the cutoff time.

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I was riding with "Locomotive" Karthikeyan - if I didn't get dropped I was sure to finish in time. We blasted down all the way till Bachchenahalli in the crisp morning air, where we stopped for breakfast. The T.G. Halli climb seemed much easier this time.

Magadi Road just before the descent to TG Halli
Before the descent to TG Halli

Eatery at Bachhenahalli bus stop
Breakfast near Bachhenahalli Bus stop
Breakfast was a tad disappointing. I need to start thinking about carrying a packed breakfast. The roads in Magadi were much better, unlike the slushfest last time around, and in no time we were on the scenic road to Huliyurdurga. 

Huliyurdurga forest road
Road through Huliyurdurga Forest
Huliyurdurga betta
Hill at Huliyurdurga
Just before Huliyurdurga one sees two hills on the left. The Shiva temple at the top is famous in the region.

Huliyurdurga special Dilpasand
Huliyurdurga special Dilpasand
We made a quick stop at Huliyurdurga for some Dilpasand, which sortof like a puff filled with sweet grated coconut.

Touring MTB bicycle on brevet randonnee
Riding lighter (relatively)
Soon afterward we turned on to a gravel / mud road, and trundled along till Koppa. Both of us were on mountainbikes with suspension forks, so we still managed reasonable speeds.

Near koppa - lush green on both sides.
We hit Maddur at noon, and then wasted nearly an hour on lunch. I had been disappointed with "Tiffanys" last time, this time we went to "Tiffanys Delux". I'm thinking the Adigas Restaurant is probably the best of the lot. Totally forgot about trying some Maddur Vadas.

Headwinds were not too bad and Ramanagara took under two hours. We were making really good time, and we started to relax a bit.

From Ramanagara things got painful. The heat was beginning wearing us down and the headwinds felt stronger, and we dragged ourselves up till Chandrappa Circle. By the time we reached ORR we were mentally exhausted. With just over 10km left and 2hours in hand we pushed on with the confidence that the "medal was in the bag'.

Traffic proved extremely painful. First Sunkadakatte, then Kanteerava Studio, and even at Yeswanthpur Toll Gate. We finished at 7pm, and dove thankfully into the quiet of the campus.

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