30 April 2011

The new Rockrider 5.3

Got my new bike - the Rockrider 5.3 (2011) Edition. :)

This is the new 5.3 (2011 model), and the first thing that struck me when I saw it was that it looks 'whiter' compared to the 2010 model. A quick check proves this...The Decathlon India website still carries the old design below.. The 2011 model is on the left (got from Decathlon's French website). In addition, the 'Rockrider' name is missing from the bottom tube. Instead there's the btwin name, which seems to be marketing exercise for promoting BTwin name over the Rockrider name.

 Specs and comparison with the 2010 model:
The spec is largely unchanged, which is pretty good. The frame is aluminium alloy, SRAM 27 speed drivetrain with X5 shifters, Tekro disc brakes, a Suntour XCR Fork (100mm travel with lockout) and Kenda Kinetic 26X2.1 knobby tires. Front and rear hubs are both quick release and toe clips are standard. In addition, Decathlon gives a pair of lights free of cost with every bike - a red blinker and a headlamp. The blinker is a nice LED thingy, but the headlamp is junk. Can probably be retrofitted with LEDs...

In particular, 3 speed crankset (44-32-22)* and a 9 speed cassette (32-11) gives 27 speeds and a huge range of ratios. This is possibly the only bike (MTB or Hybrid) where I have not found myself wishing there was a bigger chainring or a smaller sprocket.

The bike weighs 14.6kgs as it comes (Large frame, no mudguards, side stand or rack/carrier). At the moment, however, the front suspension needs to be set up, the discs need to be tuned, seat height needs to be adjusted and I need to get used to the toe clips...

User manual and specs for the fork are on the Suntour website. A better guide to adjusting fork preload is here. Trying to figure out what the speed lock on the form means. Seems like some fancy name for a regular lockout.

*Edit: the cassette is 32-11:
As a result the maximum effective ratio is 44:11 i.e. 4. This will give a whopping 45kmh at 90rpm on the pedals.

*Pictures from Decathlon-India/UK/BTwin website
For more info check out posts labelled "Equipment"


JCR said...

how much did you pay this baby? and how did u become a member of decathlon?

Abhijit said...

I paid 20k for this. I didn't buy from Decathlon. Got it from a reseller who was offering a very attractive discount...