16 March 2014

The KGF 300

After a number of missed opportunities, I finally attempted the KGF 300 BRM - a super scenic route that passes through two neighboring states - Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The ride was certainly not easy for me, being my first 300K brevet, with summer weather making things even harder on an otherwise easy route. I was riding the pre-ride with Sohan and Chiddu a week before the actual event since we would all be volunteering at the controls on that day.
Photograph of a randonneur bicycling on Hoskote Malur road
Belting it on Hoskote-Malur Road

10 March 2014

On Punctures

Todays post is a rambling one about the one thing all cyclists hate - punctures! I had remarked earlier that I seemed to be lucky to have fewer than average flats on my rides, only to find that my rear tube had developed a slow leak (after the Devarayandurga ride) and was flat in a couple of hours after I got home. It must have happened in or very close to campus, because I'm sure the tire was fine until then. Finding this puncture was tedious - it was imperceptible to the ear or lips, and was found only after I submerged the tube in a bucket. As expected it was a tiny hole.

02 March 2014

Ride to Devarayanadurga

IBN Riders riding towards Urdigere on the way to Devarayanadurga
Riding towards Urdigere
This ride was supposed to happen in feb, but for a number of reasons it got pushed to march 2nd. Weather had been just awesome all week, with lots of cloud and gentle rains. During the ride, however, it was oppressively hot.

[Update: Map added]