24 October 2014

HOWTO: Open Chain Quick Link with Nose Pliers

My s.o.'s commuter bike has a stubborn quick link on the chain which just can't be undone by hand. There are a number of nice tools specifically for this (Park Tool and others) but a pair of nose pliers will work just as well - in 5 easy steps! Click on the pictures for full sized versions.

A pair of inexpensive nose pliers for opening a bicycle chain quick link (also called master link, missing link or power link)
Step 0: Find a pair of nose pliers

10 October 2014

Mini Velo

By a stroke of luck I happen to have on loan a small wheeled bike from Mr Pai. I had test-ridden it before, but now that I have ridden it a little more I think it deserves a post of its own.
The Mercier Mini Velo in bright Orange