17 May 2013

Gollahalli in May

A couple of photos from last week's Gollahalli Populaire. There was a good turnout, and other than a couple of riders who got lost (and one crashed), most completed the ride. The crash was caused by a pothole lurking under an innocent looking puddle after the heavy rains of the last week, but rider was not severely injured.

Riding to the first control, past a bright red telephone booth
(no, there is no telephone inside)

01 May 2013

Anchetty Again

Five of us rode the Anchetty Brevet Route to check (and update if required) the cue sheet ahead of the June 1 BRM. We had planned to ride as fast as possible, at least within randonneuring limits, but ended up making a super relaxed ride of it.

A mud road descending into Anchetty from Jawalagiri