31 August 2014

Makalidurga Exploratory

Shaunak and I rode a 150K loop yesterday. Briefly, north all the way to Makalidurga and just a little beyond to Thondeblavi, then west to Alipur and then back south along some village roads, some of which I had already explored.

It was a fun ride. Roads were good for the most part, but really bad in a few places. Scenery was just fantastic, and weather was pleasant. We got soaked in the rain, but the sun came out afterwards and dried us off. I had made a rough cue sheet using Viking and GoogleMaps satellite imagery which turned out to be accurate for the most part, and I was able to navigate the route without even a cyclocomp.

Lots of photos this time around!

Mud road near CFSPF, Hessaraghatta

CFSP Farms, Hessaraghatta

Gentle Descent to Makalidurga

Makalidurga Station

Near Thondebhavi

Near Thondebhavi

Railway line running parallel to the road

Road to Alipur

Beautiful vistas on Alipur - Madhugiri Road

Massive (Ficus?) Tree in the middle of a field

Road under construction. Clouds rolling in from the SW

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