21 June 2011

Disc Compatible rear rack for the rockrider 5.3

Just installed the Topeak Super Tourist rack on the 5.3. Had to get a disc compatible rack - of which there are few available here. Decathlon didn't seem to have any so I ordered mine from Evans Cycles. The rack cost 29GBP, about Rs 2230m and customs charged about Rs 800. Here are some the pics of the installed rack...

Topeak Super Tourist DX Disc Rack

Side view
The 90 degree brackets required to get the clearance from the brake discs

Rear view showing the lamp bracket
The Frame mounts are two stainless steel 'rails' that have to be flexed


Dominic said...

I am trying to fit a rack to my 5.3 and have just failed! Can you tell me what exactly you did to get that rack to fit

Anonymous said...

What is the exact problem you are facing?

Anonymous said...

Well I bought a rack from Decathlon but it would not fit and I am thinking of buying the one you fitted.

I want to know if you had to do anything to get the rack that you fitted to work or was everything straightforward.

The Psychelist said...

The standard Decathlon Rack will not fit. The Topeak fits, but make sure you buy the Disc version...