01 January 2012

Ride to Hessarghatta and Madhurekere

Did a short loop of about 70 Km this morning, to two lakes in North- and - Northwest Bangalore. Cyclone thane caused some rain in the early hours and soaked us completely within the first hour. The sky remained an angry gray throughout and threatened us with a little drizzle here and there.

The route is almost entirely flat so we made excellent time till Hessarghatta, and then onward to Madhurekere. The lake was dry, with a couple of ponds here and there. Saw a few water birds but when they sensed that they were being watched, and quickly took cover in the grasses.

SH74 at Madhurekere

The road is fantastically good except for a really bad stretch just after Madhurekere, and pretty quiet too. Ideal for a peaceful ride on a lazy weekend

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