27 December 2011

Disc Brake Caliper Adjustment

After a prolonged problem with disc-rub with my disc brakes I finally solved it. The solution is documented very well on the Utah Mountain Biking site. Here are some two pictures with some additional comments to help you out.

Step 1:
Loosen "the two bolts that hold the main body of the brake onto the fork "

At this point make absolutely sure of two things:
1. The wheel is correctly placed in the dropouts and the quick release is completely tightened.

2. The brake cable is not snagged anywhere and the ends of the housings are properly seated.

It is highly recommended to have the bike upside down since this way it is easier to get at the assembly and spin the wheels at will.

Now tighten the Inside pad adjustment screw. This will move the inside pad closer and closer to the disc. Later you will need to loosen it off. You should tighten this 75-100% of the way in so you will have that much more margin when loosening it off.

Use a torch shining light into the gap to inspect the clearances.

Update: Here is the manual for TekTro IO Mechanical Disc brakes, which come standard on the Rockrider 5.3. Also cached here.

Important Fine Print Disclaimer: These instructions are not to be read in isolation, but as additional comments to the link I have posted and other material on the subject. I am not responsible if you wreck your bike with your DIY.

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