22 May 2016

Back to Hessaraghatta

Got back in the saddle after another long-ish break yesterday, and what better way to start the season than with a trip to old familiar Hessaraghatta...
Last week's rains have ended a long stretch of unbearable heat here, and the weather was just lovely.


The surface quality of Pipeline road was really good throughout. Many sections have been re-carpeted, footpaths have been made and even nicely painted. It remains to be seen whether all this will stand up to the monsoon in the coming months. Pipeline road also seems to be heading down the 'development' path, with lots of housing and small commercial projects coming up in the area. Some of the familiar orchards and fields had been cleared to form housing plots. The lake area had also got a facelift. The little parking area at the entrance and the path on bund had been cemented and the whole area generally spruced up. Perhaps all is in aid of the expansion of the temple at the top of the bund. I remembered it being a tiny place earlier, so I dug out some photos from earlier...

Before and after
The bund has also been fenced off, so there is no way to ride off the bund on the other side near the check dam.

And the riding season has begun! (For me at least).

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