21 August 2013

Bar Tape Installation - Clockwise or anticlock?

So I've got a new roll of bar tape, and the question is - which way do you wind it? In-to-out or out to in?

Here is a quick summary of what I did...

Before I start, here's some required reading. The Park Tools site, as usual, has this excellent guide to wrapping bar tape, and thats mostly what I followed. If you've never done this before, there are huge number of videos on Youtube which will help you understand how its done.

The important thing is to wind tape starting from the ends and coming towards the middle. Also, the tape must be wound so that the tendency of the hand is to tighten it while riding.

As explained in the Park Tools page, when riding in the drops, the tendency is for the hand to turn outwards; and "inwards" when holding on the top.

The problem is that the direction of wrap is opposite for the drops and the top. So you need to start winding outward on the drops and change direction when you cross the brake levers / hoods. Here's a couple of photos that show how the change in direction is achieved.

Both photos are for the left side of the bar - the boss on the brake lever is for the so called suicide levers. The brake levers are the (really) old type - there are no hoods, so I kept the tape slightly high. Remember to keep a consistent tension on the tape when winding!

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