17 November 2011

Huliyurdurga 200K Route Summary

The IISc Randonneurs are all set to launch the brevet season with the first (200KM) brevet slated for 26th November 2011. Here's a quick summary of the route for riders who have not ridden these roads...

1. The route from IISc to Magadi should be familiar to everyone who
has done the Savandurga Populaire. If not, these are the highlights-
Getting on to pipeline road can be a bit tricky. Please read the cue sheet in advance and keep a close eye on your cyclocomp. There are some short steep climbs that can dent morale very quickly - so don't give up. There is only one really bad climb on pipeline road -after- you cross ORR. Try to get onto magadi road as fast as you can with minimal breaks.

Magadi Road is mostly Downhill till Thavarkere, then slight grade till TG Halli. Theres a fantastic downhill till the southern tip of TG Halli reservoir, and a short climb up to bachenahalli. Mostly flat thereafter till Magadi. Try to get to magadi asap since there is very little tree cover.
Try to average 20kmph till Magadi, using the long downs and flats to
your advantage.

2. Magadi - Maddur
This stretch has some very nice quiet roads but this stretch may get a
bit hot. Maintain a decent speed, keep lots of water and electral in
stock. The roads are not good in some places (front shocks and wide
tires provide much relief).

3. Maddur - Ramanagara
Have lunch at Maddur. Its been a trend that it rains in the
afternoons here. If it does you may consider taking a break and avoid
getting soaked and/or make most use of the time without the sun and
make way to Ramanagara. This is Mysore road, perhaps at its worst. No
shade, no trees. But lots of coconut sellers. Try to get to Ramanagara
as fast as possible.

4. Ramanagara - Manchanbele
This road is really beautiful. Nearly empty roads. Some agricultural
land, mostly jungle bordering the road. The last part has a few climbs
as the road ascends from the valley over the neighboring hills.

5. Manchanbele - Big Banyan Tree (almost)
This one is all downhill - and very fast. Take care desending
especially if it is growing dark. Be careful not to miss the turnoff
towards Thavarkere - Do NOT go all the way to Big banyan tree.

6. Big Banyan Tree (almost)- Thavarkere
This stretch is constantly uphill road, with no illumination
whatsoever. Plus road surface is pretty bad. Expect to average
10-15kmh on this section even with wide tires.

7. Thavarkere - IISc
This is 'home stretch'. Thavarkere to NICE road overpass is a bit
painful (its uphill and there's quite a bit of traffic so one needs to
remain fairly alert all the time). After that there's only the
Mahalaxmipuram climb in your way - the rest is pretty straightforward.

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